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Video Title: Winter Gloves
Model Name: Yourfavoritemommy
Video Duration: 21:04
File Size: 5.90 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

This video is a showcase of two individuals wearing winter gloves and engaging in various activities that are often considered taboo or forbidden in society.

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The first person, who seems to be playing the role of mother, has long brunette hair and wears glasses. She takes advantage of her daughter by straddling her from behind while both are naked except for their gloves. The second individual, a blonde with natural tits, also participates in this unique activity.

The use of winter gloves creates an interesting contrast between the softness and warmth they provide against the exposed skin that is being touched or caressed. This sensation leads to more intense feelings as both individuals reach orgasm just by using their gloved fingers on each other’s erogenous zones.

This specific fetish, which includes winter gloves as an essential accessory, might make some people see mittens in a whole new light and become curious about the sensations it can provide. The video is shot at 3840×2160 resolution, making every detail stand out, including the cold weather accessories that these individuals use to heat each other up.