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Video Title: Therapy for Mom Fantasies
Model Name: Yogabella
Video Duration: 19:04
File Size: 2.80 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this pornographic video, a man is seen receiving therapy to overcome his incestuous tendencies towards his mother; he has a particular fetish of fucking women who look like her and believes that the therapist can help him deal with these urges. The setting for the session is in an office furnished with props such as potted plants and paintings, adding production value to this video’s appeal.

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The man’s therapy begins with a discussion of his fantasies about mom being fulfilled by himself; he describes her appearance and preferences, leaving no details untouched. This gives an opportunity for the audience to see him in action as their therapist, providing insight into how this specific type of incestuous relationship can be satisfied.

As therapy continues, the man starts undressing his therapist because she reminds him of mom; he has a clear view of her body and even touches her skin. At that moment, it becomes obvious to everyone watching that fucking like mom is what this particular patient needs for his incestuous tendencies to be cured.

As the therapy session progresses, both the man and therapist realize that they have similar urges about each other; however, only one of them can help him overcome these feelings. This time it’s not fucking like mom but being fucked by a professional therapist will cure this patient from his incestuous desires.