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Video Title: Babysitter Makes A Deal
Model Name: Xev Bellringer
Video Duration: 07:44
File Size: 446.83 MB
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A woman is seen taking care of a child in this video and the parents are out of town. She has short hair, wears glasses, and seems to be very responsible and caring for her work as a babysitter. The girl’s father offers the woman a deal: if she can make his daughter feel safe and secure then he will give her a raise. This is a test that the woman takes seriously and wants to pass with flying colors.

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The child seems to be happy in this new environment, but there are some issues arising as time goes by. The babysitter notices that the little girl likes attention and affection from an adult figure, so she gives her more hugs and cuddles, making sure to give her a sense of security.

However, the baby sitter does not only focus on the child’s emotional needs but also takes care of the physical side. She makes healthy meals for the girl and plays with her in the park, keeping an eye out for any signs of danger so she can react immediately to protect the little one.

As time goes by, a relationship is built between the babysitter and the child, making it harder for the father to part ways. The woman has become attached to the girl and her new family, but as per agreement, once the deal is passed she will no longer be needed in that position. This makes both of them sad, but they are still happy with how things turned out.