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Video Title: JOI Magic Spell
Model Name: Woodland Nymph
Video Duration: 06:47
File Size: 636.72 MB
Video Resolution: 1080×1920

Our heroine today is a beautiful witch with an amazing skill to control men using just her fingers and mind! She has learned the ‘Joy Orgasm’ spell which makes any man, or woman, obey her every command. The video shows this stunning witch casting spells on two lucky people who seem to be enjoying their time under her supervision.

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The first thing she does is make them stroke themselves while counting down from 10 in a sensual voice which makes it hard for the victims not to obey! She then uses her hand gestures and tells them when to move faster or slower, all according to what she wants. This witch has complete control over these two people’s bodies.

The second spell is even more intense as they start moaning and groaning in pleasure while the stunning witch gives commands about how to touch themselves! She uses her fingers like a puppet master controlling their every move, making it impossible for them not to cum on command. The video then shows these people pleasuring each other under her supervision.

The final spell is even more powerful as the stunning witch makes both of these individuals feel like they are floating and in complete ecstasy! She has cast a full-body orgasm spell, making it hard for them not to obey every command she gives. This magic keeps them under her supervision forever.