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Video Title: Haunted Painting Seduction
Model Name: Woodland Nymph
Video Duration: 29:43
File Size: 3.39 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The night museum guard is having a particularly slow evening as he walks the halls of his beloved establishment.

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He comes across a painting that has always been hidden from public view, but tonight it seems appropriate to take a closer look at this lady who holds flowers in her hands and gazes back with a mysterious smile. The guard wonders if she could possibly be real as he feels an intense energy emanating from the portrait.

As his desire for the woman grows, he notices that there is enough power within the painting to free the lady from her curse and bring her into reality. She becomes more than just a seductive figure in a two dimensional space but rather a tangible woman who can offer him all of the pleasures he has ever dreamed.

The guard feels his cock growing as she gives him an intimate blowjob, using the energy from her painting to make this moment last for eternity. He cums inside her and knows that their love will forever be eternal in a magical way.