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Video Title: Tiny Man Expedition Inside Giantess Body
Model Name: Wetschoolgirl
Video Duration: 15:38
File Size: 1.68 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A giantess is walking in the office when she feels hungry and starts to consume her coworkers who are smaller than usual. She enjoys this activity until she notices a discomfort on her belly caused by some of those small people trying to escape through her anus.

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She tries everything to stop that but has no success, so in frustration she decides to eat more and bigger bites making it impossible for the others inside her body to get out. She also eats a man who was working on something important as he’s now considered food, not even bothering with his importance.

A few days after that incident, she feels an intense pain in her belly which makes her think those little people are still alive and fighting back. They manage to get out of her body but just a couple who start their revenge by making it hurt for the giantess. She’s now furious with them all over again.

Finally she manages to eliminate one last group from inside her belly, at least that was what she thought as they started playing dead and when she felt relief a painful bite is given back in her face by those tiny men making the giantess feel powerless