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Video Title: Save Mommy’s Date Night
Model Name: Wetschoolgirl
Video Duration: 23:01
File Size: 4.85 GB
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On Friday night, a woman is alone in her living room. She has had another disappointing date and wants to give up on dating. The man she desires should be easy to communicate with and trustworthy.

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As they sit together, the woman opens up about what went wrong during her dates. To comfort her, you hold her hand and start kissing her cheek. She feels safe and secure in your arms, which makes it easier for her to share her feelings. As she relaxes more, your hands slide down towards her pants, where you discover one of her dildos.

The woman becomes increasingly aroused as you finger-fuck her ass with the dildo and play with her pussy lips using it. She moans in pleasure while looking at you and caressing your face. You both share an intimate moment before she decides to peg you, covering yours face completely.

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