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Video Title: MV Girl Replaces Your Girlfriend
Model Name: Wetschoolgirl
Video Duration: 36:24
File Size: 7.67 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

In this video, titled ‘MV Girl Replaces Your Girlfriend’, a man’s girlfriend is replaced by his favorite MV girl, WetSchoolGirl. The girlfriend seems to be asexual and cannot satisfy him sexually, but he still loves her. He brings in WetSchoolGirl as a replacement for sexual satisfaction, which causes some tension between the two women.

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One day, while having dinner with his girlfriend, MV girl interrupts them by catching the man’s attention and they proceed to have sex on the coffee table. The girlfriend is aware of this but seems worried about their relationship as she suggests a threesome with WetSchoolGirl.

As time goes, MV Girl rides the man while he takes pictures, making him happy that his favorite pornstar has come to life. She starts teasing and pleasuring him in various ways throughout the day. The girlfriend seems more concerned about their relationship as she tries hard to please her boyfriend.

In this full video of ‘MV Girl Replaces Your Girlfriend’, WetSchoolGirl becomes a permanent replacement for the man’s sexual satisfaction, while he still keeps his girlfriend in hopes that everything will work out.