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Video Title: Beta Hallucinations
Model Name: Wetschoolgirl
Video Duration: 08:37
File Size: 4.83 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

In this title ‘Beta Hallucinations’, a man is attending a psychiatrist appointment.

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He starts hallucinating that every woman he meets, including his own daughter and the psychiatrist, are calling him inferior slurs like betabitch or cocksucker. The man sees himself as an alpha male dog daddy who’s ready to breed with these women in his mind.

As the hallucination continues, he starts picturing these women wearing collar and breeding bitch tattoos on their body. This is a manifestation of Inferior Cuckolded BetaBitch Syndrome where doggy semen is running down their pussy.

Psychiatrist diagnoses him with this syndrome, but in reality, he’s just having an alpha male wet dream as he cums in his pants. The video lasts 8 minutes and 37 seconds and resolution of the video is 3840×2160.