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Video Title: Counselor Cuckold: Bulls 2 Impregnate Ur GF
Model Name: Vera James Xx
Video Duration: 07:06
File Size: 11.29 MB
Video Resolution: 1280×720

In this video, a counselor is trying to help one of their clients get impregnated by three different men while he watches. The counselor and the client’s girlfriend have already planned everything out, and the only thing missing is the man or men who will be able to complete the task. The counselor has selected three candidates for this role.

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Each of these men has written a letter to the client explaining why they believe they are the best candidate for the job. In the video, we see close-ups of each man reading their letters and then looking into the camera as if trying to convince the viewer that they are the perfect choice.

The counselor has also arranged for these men to meet with the client’s girlfriend in person so she can make her own decision about who is best. The three candidates have been selected because of their physical attributes, and it seems likely that one or more will be chosen after meeting with the girlfriend.

This video is a unique opportunity to see how a counselor works with their client and helps them achieve their goals. In this case, getting impregnated by three different men while watching is the goal, but in other cases it could be something else entirely.