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Video Title: Photographer Creampies Me- Uncut James X Valerica Steele
Model Name: Valerica Steele
Video Duration: 33:20
File Size: 4.38 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Valeria Steele is a talented photographer who specializes in taking polaroid pictures of male models. She has been working with Uncut James, and they decided to collaborate on a new photoshoot that would feature him entirely nude.

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Uncut James arrived at Valerias house for the photo session. He agreed to get naked only after much convincing from Valeria because he was concerned about his privacy. As she took photos of him, Uncut James felt increasingly aroused and eventually became erect. This made it difficult to continue with the photoshoot, but Valeria came up with an idea: She would give him oral pleasure so that his penis could deflate and they could proceed without any issues.

Valeria gave Uncut James head in the pool while taking photos of him. He squirted after a few minutes and then she sucked on it to make sure he was fully erect again, but this time with a camera so that they can capture better images.

After finishing up in the pool, Valeria took Uncut James inside for more photo positions. She captured various POV angles throughout the whole scene and ensured every detail of their interaction is seen