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Video Title: Step-Daddy’s Special Treat
Model Name: Tigger Rosey
Video Duration: 11:47
File Size: 750.82 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A young woman is excited for her first day of school and receives a special breakfast from her stepfather. She enjoys the moment as she walks to class, but misses her father already. The morning has been filled with joy because her dad made sure his little girl had something delicious in front of her before leaving home.

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She feels safe and protected knowing that there is always a guardian nearby who takes care of her needs. This unique bond makes the young woman feel special as she enjoys having breakfast ready for school, just like mommy’s homemade treat. The girl can now taste this love all day long in class.

As time passes and it’s almost midday, the female student is still feeling energetic about her father being around even if he isn’t physically present because she got some special underwear that hides a toy for her to enjoy during school hours. The girl can also bring this excitement back home after classes with daddy’s home made treat.

The end of the day is nearing and it has been an exciting experience full of love, but time comes when step-daddy must leave his little princess behind so she can go to bed early. However, there are still a few moments left for some final touches before leaving her alone again.