Tigger Rosey – Blowing Up Balloons And A Beach Ball Free Leaked

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Video Title: Blowing up Balloons and a Beach Ball
Model Name: Tigger Rosey
Video Duration: 11:39
File Size: 656.02 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In the video ‘Tigger Rosey’, you are tasked with inflating clear beach balls using your mouth as a source of air pressure, while fully naked; This is considered an art in itself. The first balloon that gets blown up has a straw-like design and also made out of mylar material for extra durability.

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During the inflation process you are encouraged to look directly at the camera while holding both your head and mouthpiece, giving viewers a full view of your glorious body. The second balloon that gets blown up has an interesting twist as it is inflated with a straw-like design using your bare hands in a motion similar to milking a cow.

When you are not blowing the balloons or beach balls anymore, but still fully naked and holding them, you engage in foreplay activities such as rubbing, licking and finger fucking these objects. This is an interesting way of creating excitement before actually engaging into hardcore sex acts with another person.

Finally, when it comes to the video resolution itself which is 1920×1080 pixels at a length of 11 minutes and 39 seconds, you can see every single detail in high definition. This includes your body movements, facial expressions and even tiny details such as sweat droplets that form on your skin during the act of blowing up these balloons