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Video Title: Don’t Break Eye Contact – JOI Game
Model Name: Thetinyfeettreat
Video Duration: 09:58
File Size: 4.19 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

This video is a journey of self-discovery and pleasure, where the model uses an icicle dildo to penetrate herself while maintaining eye contact with the viewer. The challenge lies in not breaking this connection, as it requires focus and concentration from both parties.

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The setting for this game is wintertime, but the model’s warm presence and willingness to please bring a cozy and inviting atmosphere. There are many attempts made by the viewer to reach the end of the session, with the number of tries needed as proof of success or failure.

In addition to observing the model’s self-penetration, there is also an emphasis on listening and following instructions given through verbal cues. This creates a more intimate connection between the viewer and the model, making it harder to look away from her eyes as she reaches orgasm.

The resolution of this video is 3840×2160, giving a clear image even when zoomed in close for an immersive experience. The duration of the session is short, but full of action and warm feelings that will last long after the screen goes dark