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Video Title: Properly Cleaning Up A Mess
Model Name: Thattrixiegirl
Video Duration: 05:56
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A slutty housekeeper is tasked with cleaning a bathroom and during her job she gets splashed all over by piss.

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She notices the mess on the toilet seat, sink, floor and bathtub. The smell of urine infiltrates her nostrils making her feel like the worst employee ever.

In order to clean up this big mess she uses a large mop that she keeps tucked under her skirt, but it’s not enough so she takes out her huge tits and starts cleaning with them. The toilet seat is first because of its direct contact with piss.

As she continues cleaning the smell gets less severe until eventually all areas are clean and smelling fresh again. She puts away all of her tools, including those big tits that were used for scrubbing, leaving the bathroom spotless.