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Video Title: Nurse Wants To Get Pregnant
Model Name: Thattrixiegirl
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A dedicated nurse has been taking care of a patient in a coma for quite some time now and feels an intense connection with him. In fact, she believes that this man is her soulmate and wants to start a family with him through pregnancy.

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The woman decides to become pregnant by the comatose man and has already done it twice but she desires more children. She talks to him about how much he would be a great father and what kind of life they could have together as a family.

As time goes on, the nurse becomes more persistent in her desire for pregnancy and even imagines that one day she will wake up from her coma and become an active member of their new household. This has led to her feeling increasingly connected to the man and creates a sense of intimacy between them.

The woman continues to care for the man, providing him with all necessary medical treatments while also taking extra steps to ensure he does not regain consciousness. She believes that this is the best thing for him as it gives her more time to become pregnant by him and start a family together.