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Video Title: Secretary Sucks at Her Job
Model Name: Tatum Christine
Video Duration: 22:47
File Size: 402.06 MB
Video Resolution: 960×540

A secretary has a lot of responsibilities in an office and is required to be dedicated to her work. However, this particular woman can’t seem to do anything right as the boss becomes increasingly frustrated with her performance. He orders her to take off her panties and suck his cock while giving him a handjob using those same undergarments. After cumming on her chest, he has her clean up the mess and then tells her to dress more provocatively for work.

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The boss seems satisfied with this new look and makes her call him ‘sir’, ‘boss’ and ‘daddy’. He enjoys getting blowjobs from his loyal secretary but gets frustrated again as she can’t seem to do that right either. This time he cums in her mouth, making it clear to everyone present just how unsatisfied he is with this employee.

On the next day, the boss orders his ‘secretary’ to come to work dressed more provocatively and with pigtails, showing complete disregard for professionalism. She complies and tries her best, but seems unable to meet expectations of him. He fires her eventually after seeing that she can’t be a good secretary despite trying very hard.

This is the story of one frustrated boss who finally finds relief in firing his ‘secretary’. Her constant failures led to this decision and it was clear he wasn’t going to tolerate any more mediocrity. The woman, now ex-employee, continues working as a secretary for someone else.