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Video Title: Leaving Your Wife for Your Ex – A foot focused love story
Model Name: Tatum Christine
Video Duration: 27:35
File Size: 3.87 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A man is riding a train and notices someone who looks familiar. After looking closer, he realizes it’s his ex-girlfriend sitting across from him. He can’t believe she’s right in front of him and starts to reminisce about their past relationship. The woman is unaware that the person staring at her used to be her partner.

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The man remembers how perfect she was for him, but he also recalls making a mistake by ending things with her. He tries to get her attention without success and decides this is his chance to try again. The woman still doesn’t know what the man is doing and continues to enjoy the train ride.

The ex-girlfriend looks at the person who can’t stop staring, but she sees a stranger rather than someone familiar. She tries not to pay too much attention as her stop approaches. Meanwhile, he has convinced her to give him one more chance and they end up having sex in his apartment.

The man is still remorseful about the past and can’t help but think this woman will make him happy again. He asks if she wants to leave her current partner for him and she agrees, leaving behind a marriage that wasn’t working.