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Video Title: Girlfriend’s Onesided Planned Impregnation
Model Name: Tatum Christine
Video Duration: 20:21
File Size: 1.72 GB
Video Resolution: 1280×720

A woman wearing a T-shirt that belongs to her partner walks into the room and initiates an intimate moment with him, planning for one-sided pregnancy. She is thinking about pleasing him by taking his cock out and sucking it, then begging for more as she gets worked up. The man tries to fight back but ultimately succumbs to this woman’s seduction

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As the woman continues her sexual act with her partner, he cums inside of her multiple times, despite him knowing that this is not what he wants at the moment and she is on birth control pills. She finishes by lifting her legs in the air trying to get as much cum deep inside of her as possible

Two months later, the woman comes home from a doctor’s appointment with news: she is pregnant! The couple had done some things together that made sure pregnancy would happen; now they just need to wait for their little one to arrive. They spend time in different rooms while waiting because both of them know this relationship will not be sustained much longer

The woman’s T-shirt has been used as a symbol of her giving up on the man and taking control, making him feel unwanted with no chance of return