Tatum Christine – Cheating Wife Pt 3 – Secret Lovers Rendezvous Free Leaked

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Video Title: Cheating Wife pt 3 – Secret Lovers Rendezvous
Model Name: Tatum Christine
Video Duration: 17:58
File Size: 2.53 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video starts with Tatum Christine, a woman who is heavily pregnant, sitting in an office and talking to her lover on the phone. She expresses her desire for him and mentions that it has been difficult to wait until their secret rendezvous due to pregnancy hormones making her horny.

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Tatum’s lover arrives at a hotel where she is staying, and she undresses him in a hurry. They engage in passionate sex while Tatum is still pregnant, with the man penetrating her swollen wet pussy until they both reach orgasm. Unfortunately, Tatum has developed a rash on her belly which prevents them from having any other type of sexual intercourse.

The video then focuses on Tatum’s face while she sucks off her lover, with the man ejaculating into her mouth and making it seem like he is giving her something to hold onto until their next encounter. She begs him to let someone else close the office so they can have some more time together.

The video ends with Tatum’s lover agreeing, and them leaving the office for a secret rendezvous somewhere else.