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Video Title: Cheat with Her Sister – Foot Focused
Model Name: Tatum Christine
Video Duration: 26:44
File Size: 2.26 GB
Video Resolution: 1280×720

Tatum Christine is making out in the kitchen with her sister’s boyfriend while he thinks she is at work. She uses her feet to make him cum, as she knows this will make it easier for her to swallow his load and prevent any chance of getting caught.

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The grumpy man who reviewed Tatum Christine’s video said that there was no choreography in the footage, but he probably meant that there wasn’t any dancing involved. The fact is that she moves around a lot while giving her partner foot jobs and moaning loudly from pleasure.

The setting for this pornographic film is inside Tatum Christine’s kitchen which has golden light pouring in through the windows, creating a very sensual atmosphere. Her sister’s boyfriend can’t help but stare at her beautiful feet while she sucks his cock and moans loudly.

Tatum Christine’s sister works during daylight hours, so Tatum has to make noise to cover up any sounds that might alert her sister of what is going on. She even begs her partner to cum inside her several times while she pretends to be cleaning the kitchen.