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Video Title: These Are the New Rules
Model Name: Tara Tainton
Video Duration: 16:49
File Size: 219.04 MB
Video Resolution: 720×480

In this video titled ‘These Are the New Rules’, Tara Tainton is seen spanking a man with her bare hands and wooden hairbrush, while wearing garter stockings, high heels, and a tight-fitting dress. The man is bent over Tara’s lap in different positions to receive his punishment for not following rules previously set by the woman. This video also features age play and roleplay elements.

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The male character tries to explain why he didn’t follow instructions, but Tara doesn’t seem to listen as she delivers spankings with a determined expression on her face. The man is seen receiving 30 smacks with the same wooden hairbrush that was used for Melissa earlier in the video, and it seems like this punishment is not something he enjoys.

The male character’s condition is also discussed throughout the video, as Tara tries to avoid brushing against his legs while bending him over her lap. The man is seen wiggling around, trying to escape from Tara’s grip and spankings, but it doesn’t seem like he can.

The punishment seems to be effective in making the male character understand the importance of following rules set by Tara, as she lectures him about not sharing what has been discussed with his own mom. The woman is seen wearing glasses while talking and looking directly at the man, showing that she cares for him but still needs to punish him to ensure he understands the new rules.