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Video Title: Milk and Masturbation : 3
Model Name: Taboo Girl
Video Duration: 18:08
File Size: 2.58 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A redhead milf is sitting in her bedroom with a vibrator inserted into her pussy while she hand expresses milk from her large breasts, talking about it all the way until she reaches orgasm. During this time, she pays extra attention to licking off her creamy discharge and the leftover breastmilk on her toys.

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The woman in question is TabooGirl who has had a long day at work and feels relieved after getting sexual pleasure from her vibrator while talking about her experiences. She keeps hand expressing milk until she reaches orgasm, which then sends the last milking of breastmilk into action as well.

This woman enjoys giving special attention to certain details such as making sure all of her toys are clean and moisturized with her saliva after licking them. The redhead also likes talking about how good it feels when she gets sexual pleasure while hand expressing breastmilk, which is something not everyone can do.

Being a milf in the bedroom, TabooGirl knows that many people might not be able to have such an experience and therefore makes sure to share her joy with others. She keeps inserting vibrator into pussy until she reaches orgasm at least 3 times, enjoying every moment of it.