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Video Title: 4K – Milk and Masturbation : 3
Model Name: Taboo Girl
Video Duration: 18:08
File Size: 2.65 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

As soon as you open this video, it becomes clear that Taboo Girl is sitting on her bed with a smile while holding a large glass full of freshly extracted breastmilk. She starts talking about how good it feels to drink warm milk straight from the source and mentions her preference for hand expressing compared to using a pump

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She puts down the glass, gets more comfortable on bed by removing shoes while mentioning that she is wearing panties with embedded vibrator. She starts talking about how good it feels when this specific type of vibration hits her clit and mentions that not everyone enjoys this same feeling

Taboo Girl turns around, facing the camera directly so you can see every detail on her face and body while she uses the vibrator to masturbate. She keeps talking about how great it feels when a strong orgasm hits with such direct vibration compared to other types of stimulation

Finally, Taboo Girl drinks more warm breastmilk from glass while still having her favorite sex toy inside and mentions that she can feel another powerful orgasm coming soon. She keeps giving thanks for this opportunity until the end of video