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Model Name: Tabithaxxx
Video Duration: 13:17
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A married woman has been possessed by a succubus and is now living as an extreme exhibitionist. Her husband’s best friend was invited to stay the night, but things took a turn when she came back into the room dressed in latex. She began paralyzing him with her deep red eyes and started sucking on his penis until he ejaculated.

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The succubus drained all of this man’s energy from his semen before leaving him unconscious, but not before telling him that she would make sure to erase any memory of the encounter. The possessed woman then left the room and returned with a giant dildo in her hand, ready for another round.

As soon as he woke up, this man was once again paralyzed by the succubus’s deep red eyes before she proceeded to suck on his penis until he came. She continued doing so even after he became flaccid and eventually drained all of his energy from him, leaving him with no strength or memory.

The possessed woman then took off her latex suit, grabbed a camera, and started filming herself in different poses while still wearing the giant dildo. She then uploaded this video to PornHub for everyone’s pleasure.