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A group of people were having a party at one man’s house, and his ex-girlfriend showed up uninvited. She was much older than the son but still attractive to him and decided to seduce him in front of everyone.

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The son mentioned that he had not lost his virginity yet due to having a large penis size, which made girls scared to take it as a partner. The ex-girlfriend felt bad for him and took the opportunity to make him happy by engaging in sexual intercourse with him.

Even though there was no condom used during sex, she didn’t seem too concerned about her health or pregnancy scare. She rode the son slowly while facing both ways so he could see her big juicy ass and tits bouncing all over his body.

The ex-girlfriend sucked him first before riding him to make sure that she pleases him with her mouth, even though he came at the same time. The party was fun for everyone as they saw this older woman getting it on with a younger man.