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Video Title: Becoming a GIANTESS to my TINY FIANCE – 4K
Model Name: Tabithaxxx
Video Duration: 20:22
File Size: 2.86 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

The gym has become the second home for this woman who wants to fit in her wedding dress, and she is also on diet food which makes her very hungry. She turns the gym into her own playground where she can shrink a man with the help of a special potion that was given by her crazy sister.

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This tiny guy has been brought home and placed inside cleavage for safekeeping, but his small stature is not only thing making this woman feel taller. She feels like a giantess next to him as she towers at 6 feet tall over the man who can’t stop shrinking.

It seems that both of them are having fun in their new situation before they start searching for an antidote, and it also gives this woman opportunity to show her dominance over a person. She is not afraid to use her strength against someone smaller than she is.

The video quality on this one is 3840×2160 pixels which will give viewers the best visuals of this tall blonde woman and her tiny fiance, they can see his small body pressed between her cleavage as if he was a toy