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Video Title: The Foot Fetish Bet Part 3
Model Name: Summer Fox
Video Duration: 18:07
File Size: 2.70 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A blonde woman wearing a school uniform is sitting on the bed with her legs spread apart and one foot in front of another. She holds up her shoes to the camera, showing that they are chunky heels but still looks like she’s teasing you by doing this.

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The woman turns around and starts teasing your cock again by riding it while wearing only socks on her feet. The camera focuses on her as she gives a close-up shot of herself in missionary position, making sure to hold up the socks for view.

She then changes into a different pair of shoes before blowing you with both hands and fucking you in riding position again. This time around, it seems like she’s wearing plain white ankle socks that match her shirt, but still teasing your cock by looking at camera and showing off the shoe

In the end, this woman is fully dressed in school uniform and holds up a pair of shoes for you to see. She then starts blowing you with both hands while riding dildo again until you cum inside her pussy or on those shoes