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Video Title: Small Dick Crossdressing Humiliation
Model Name: Summer Fox
Video Duration: 15:10
File Size: 1.82 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Summer Fox assumes the role of Kevin in this video and spends the entire time humiliating him for having a small penis. The focus is on Kevin’s obsession with crossdressing, as well as his British and Asian heritage. This specific scenario is set during summertime, where the heat makes it even more unbearable to be around Kevin.

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Kevin has brought several pictures and videos of himself in various stages of undress for Summer Fox to look at. She can’t help but feel repulsed by his appearance and constantly mocks him, pointing out that he looks much better as a woman than a man. In an attempt to make Kevin feel more embarrassed about his small dick, she dresses him up in feminine clothing and puts makeup on him.

The heat of the sun combined with Kevin’s constant need for attention forces Summer Fox to keep reminding him that he is not a real woman, even though he thinks he looks better than most men. She constantly refers back to his small penis size and how it affects their relationship negatively. The humiliation doesn’t stop there as she also mentions things like being uncircumcised, having a thin frame, and just generally looking ridiculous.

Summer Fox finishes off the video by stating that Kevin should not even bother with trying to be a man again, but rather embrace his true self which is crossdressing. She tells him he can look as good as any woman if only he would listen to her and let go of all masculine pretenses.