Summer Fox – Sis Discovers Your Panty And Cei Fetish Part 2 Free Leaked

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Video Title: Sis Discovers Your Panty And CEI Fetish Part 2
Model Name: Summer Fox
Video Duration: 10:38
File Size: 1.53 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Jesse’s stepsister has come to him with a gift in the form of his favorite pair of panties. She is wearing them and uses the fabric as a handjob aid, jerking him off until he cums inside her mouth. To ensure that she will continue receiving this delightful taste sensation, she gives him back his underwear covered in cum for him to keep and treasure.

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This stepsister has a panty fetish and enjoys feeling the fabric against her body while giving pleasure to Jesse. She talks dirty to encourage him to climax into her mouth and makes it clear that this is not just a one-time occurrence but an ongoing tradition she wants for him.

Summer Fox, also known as Jesse’s stepsister in this video titled Sis Discovers Your Panty And CEI Fetish Part 2 – Full Video, takes her panties and wipes them on his face to make sure he knows they are special. She is a British model with an Asian appearance who wants him to feel like she’s not just another girl but someone truly unique.

Jesse is the main focus in this video where it shows Summer Fox giving him pleasure through her panties, making him cum and then giving him back his underwear covered in semen for him to keep. She wants him to know that these are special panties with a specific taste he will get used to.