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Video Title: Roommate Diapers You and Your Girlfriend
Model Name: Sugary Little
Video Duration: 01:04:24
File Size: 4.56 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video is about a girlfriend convincing her boyfriend to sneak into the dorm room of her female roommate while she’s gone.
The two start playing a sex game where they ask each other naughty questions. The girlfriend mentions that one time, she walked in on her roommate watching diaper porn and masturbating while doing so,
Although this is not directly related to the boyfriend, it sparks some interest in him about seeing his girlfriend in a similar situation.
This leads them to play out a fantasy where they both pretend to be in diapers and have sex with each other

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The girlfriend then decides that she doesn’t want anyone to know about this little secret,
she makes the boyfriend wear an adult sized diaper too, as punishment for being caught.
As time goes on, the two start peeing in their diapers and realize they have a fetish for it.

Finally, the girlfriend takes things up a notch by having both of them piss together,
she even has her roommate join in too. The fantasy is now fully realized with all three enjoying each other’s company in adult sized diapers.
This also includes the boyfriend who gets to be on the receiving end of this threesome

As time goes by, they become more comfortable with their fetish and even start bringing it into their everyday lives,
They are often seen wearing big adult diapers in public or at least one of them. This brings a sense of comfort and security to both parties involved.