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Video Title: SSBBW Adeline’s Fashion Faux Pas
Model Name: Ssbbw Adeline
Video Duration: 03:28
File Size: 947.72 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this video titled ‘SSBBW Adeline’s Fashion Faux Pas’, a woman with the username SSBBW is seen trying on various outfits, but one dress fails to flatter her physique. The dress exposes her large belly and big hips as it does not reach down far enough.

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She tries to conceal her exposed skin by pulling up her tights that are also a part of the outfit she is wearing, but they only reach halfway down her body and hence do not cover her lower half. She then spins around in an attempt to show off the dress from all angles.

Although SSBBW tries on various outfits and poses for pictures, it becomes evident that one particular dress is ill-suited for her as she bends over in a futile effort of making it seem like a good fit. The tightness of the dress only makes her belly appear even bigger and more pronounced.

Despite her efforts to make the dress look appealing, SSBBW gives up on this idea and pulls down the tights that she is wearing underneath in order for people to see how much skin would be showing if she wore just the dress alone. However, by pulling down the tights, it only further highlights her massive belly and big hips.