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Video Title: Bouncing and Jiggling on the Bed | SSBBW Adeline
Model Name: Ssbbw Adeline
Video Duration: 02:37
File Size: 715.63 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Adeline is a large and in-charge queen size bed bouncer. She jumps up and down, causing the frame of the bed to creak loudly with each impact.

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Her ample mass creates an intense force that presses into mattress springs, compressing them and releasing energy back out as heat.

`SSBBW` is short for `Super Size Black Bedroom Wrestler`. The term has been repurposed to refer to Adeline’s preferred sleeping surface.

Adeline jiggles all over the bed, with her body bouncing and causing a soft cushion of comfort to be pushed out. She lies on top, feeling every inch of fabric push back against her as she gets comfortable