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Video Title: Princess Leia Loves Facials
Model Name: Sofie Skye
Video Duration: 11:02
File Size: 1.55 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video is titled ‘Princess Leia Loves Facials’ and features a performer dressed up as the Star Wars character of Princess Leia, engaging in adult activities with her co-star. The two are seen together in various sexual positions including missionary, where they maintain eye contact during virtual sex scenes without any visible toys or objects inside either party. It is also made clear that this is a preferred fuck hole for one participant.

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In the Princess Leia costume and with her tight pussy gripping onto the other performer’s cock as she rides him, it becomes evident that no toy is visible during these scenes but rather an authentic interaction between two consenting adults. The female protagonist in this video enjoys being on top, feeling every inch of her partner inside her and moans loudly for everyone to hear.

As the Princess Leia character continues riding their co-star and enjoying each thrust into her tight pussy, it is clear that no toys or objects are visible during these scenes. She then moves on to a blowjob scene with a large dildo in place of another performer’s cock but still maintains eye contact while engaging in the act.

This video lasts for approximately 11 minutes and is shot at a high resolution, making it easy to see every detail. It features Princess Leia enjoying various adult activities with her co-star including cum play and creampie scenes. She can be seen fully naked in the costume but still maintains an air of dominance as she gives orders for more action.