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Video Title: Marriage Counsellor Homewrecker
Model Name: Sofie Skye
Video Duration: 11:56
File Size: 2.23 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this video titled ‘Marriage Counsellor Homewrecker’, our blonde and petite protagonist is a licensed marriage counsellor who has taken it upon herself to spice up the therapy sessions of her clients. She believes that roleplaying as a dominant woman can help bring intimacy back into their relationships, but she may have overstepped the mark with this particular client. The session begins with our protagonist dressed in tight leather garments and high heels, ready to take on the persona of a strict dominatrix who will not accept anything less than absolute submission.

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The counsellor starts off by setting up her space for therapy, complete with tools such as vibrators, riding crops, and handcuffs. She is determined to make this session unforgettable and has brought all necessary props along. As the therapy progresses, she takes on various personas including that of a strict school teacher or demanding boss who expects only the best from her submissive client.

As our counsellor continues with her roleplay, it becomes clear that this particular session is not just about fixing the relationship but also indulging in some sensual pleasures. The homewrecker title comes into play as she insists on being a better woman than his partner and makes him feel guilty for having such thoughts.

The therapy session ends with our counsellor taking control of the situation, ensuring her submissive client understands that he is to worship her every day. She finishes off by telling him there are no shortcuts in a relationship, but this particular one could use some work as she has left an indelible mark on his life.