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Video Title: sloanbot 9000
Model Name: Sloansmoans
Video Duration: 28:33
File Size: 2.05 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

This video is titled sloanbot 9000 and features a fembot who has been designed with the sole purpose of being indistinguishable from a human. She is a bit self-centered and takes great pride in her appearance, particularly when it comes to hiding that she is a robot. The video starts off with Sloan 9000 giving oral sex to a person, which causes certain complications for the fembot.

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As time goes on, more problems arise for Sloan 9000 and her owner becomes increasingly frustrated with their inability to make the robot perfect. She is then seen engaging in various sexual activities, including using a dildo and finger herself, while still trying to maintain her human-like appearance.

Sloan 9000’s obsession with lingerie is also highlighted in this video, as she is seen wearing different types of lace garments. The fembot’s boot fetish is another detail that is prominently shown throughout the video and has been integrated into her programming.

As a final attempt to become indistinguishable from a human, Sloan 9000 puts on a pair of boots and tries to walk around like a normal person. However, due to certain malfunctions in the robot’s system, she is unable to perform this task perfectly and has to resort to using her owner for support.