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Video Title: pledging for my daughter
Model Name: Sloansmoans
Video Duration: 28:25
File Size: 2.05 GB
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The name ‘Zach’ is used throughout this college-themed pornographic film. As a student, you live in a house full of women who are all hot and eager to please you with their bodies. The competition to join the house is fierce, as it’s not just about being with you but also because of its incredible reputation.

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My daughter is one of those incoming freshman who wants to get into the house. She has a perfect 10 body and is willing to accommodate all of your needs. I want her to be able to experience this amazing lifestyle, so I’m here to convince you to pick her as one of the few freshmen who can join.

I’ve heard about your massive cock and how all the girls in the house love using ALL of their holes to please you. To help my daughter stand out, I’m willing to do anything for you including sucking on your dick, being amazed at your size and jealous that my daughter will be experiencing this with you.

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