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Detlev is a masseur who specializes in sensual massages for his clients. In this full video, he provides a 40-minute session to one specific individual where he uses various techniques on different parts of her body.

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The client relaxes as Detlev applies oil and begins with light pressure strokes all over the torso region including arms and legs for warm up. He then moves onto more targeted areas such as neck, shoulder and back to give a deeper tissue massage while still keeping it sensual in nature.

Detlev proceeds to remove clothing from his client and applies oil directly on her skin with both hands before starting an intense full body stroking technique. He pays extra attention to sensitive areas such as inner thighs, buttocks and breasts ensuring a blissful experience for the receiver.

The session concludes with Detlev giving oral caresses and pleasuring his client in a way that satisfies her needs while still keeping it professional. This unique approach to massage therapy has kept him popular among people seeking sensual yet effective massages.