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Video Title: Tiny Men Eaten Alive: Giantess Anal Vore 4K
Model Name: Selena Ryan
Video Duration: 15:19
File Size: 1.80 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

A Latina giantess named Selena Ryan is the main character in this clip, where she becomes enraged after discovering that her Halloween candy has been contaminated by a bunch of tiny little men. She decides to punish them in a brutal manner: one-by-one, up her smelly and sweaty asshole, until all of these small humans have met their maker.

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Selena’s big ass is the centerpiece in this clip as she lays on her back with legs spread open, laying on her side with legs stacked together, and even face down for a better vantage point. She makes sure to degrade these tinies verbally while they meet their end one by one.

Extreme close-ups of Selena’s hairy butthole are used throughout this clip, giving viewers an up close look at her powerful brown eye and tight wrinkles as she punishes the tiny men. The 4K resolution allows for a perfect view in every angle.

Selena is seen wearing a Halloween costume that covers both her top half and bottom half while laying on her side, but when she turns over to lay on her back with legs spread open, it becomes clear that this woman has an amazing body. She brags about the strength of her asshole as well, including its smell in every tiny’s final moments.