Selena Ryan – Cruel Goddess Feeds Loser Fart-Pig In Skin-Tight Latex 4K Free Leaked

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Video Title: Cruel Goddess Feeds Loser Fart-Pig In Skin-Tight Latex 4K
Model Name: Selena Ryan
Video Duration: 15:09
File Size: 1.77 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

This video features a dominant and cruel goddess named Selena Ryan, who is dressed in skin-tight latex. She has a belly full of gas and is dishing out hardcore verbal humiliation along with an endless barrage of hot, steamy farts. The camera focuses on her latex as she pumps rancid fumes right into the mouth of a loser who enjoys eating them all, so he doesn’t have to smell Selena’s stink.

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Selena’s tone is cruel and caustic throughout the video, mocking her slave for being a fart-loving freak. She also describes her latex in great detail as she pumps out filthy farts right into his mouth. The camera angle showcases Selena from an up-shot angle of her ass in tight latex and a face-down-ass-up angle of her ass exposed, breaking through her skin-tight latex bodysuit.

As the video progresses, Selena continues to tease her slave for being such a loser. She gives him permission to stroke his pathetic cock while he worships her latex and eats her farts like an obedient little boy. The camera moves closer to Selena’s ass as she smacks it with the back of her hand, emphasizing its juiciness.

Finally, Selena gives her slave permission to cum after a long struggle. She even counts down his orgasm and gives him a final stinker right in his face like a cruel mistress would do