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Video Title: Big Ass Homewrecker Milks 4 Creampies Out Of Faithful BF 4K
Model Name: Selena Ryan
Video Duration: 13:31
File Size: 1.58 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Selena Ryan is a Latina with big butt and natural tits who visits the house of her friend, but she finds that his girlfriend isn’t home yet. She decides to wait for her by watching TV in living room.

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As Selena is waiting, she starts flipping through channels and comes across an infomercial about a Fuck Machine. This gets her excited, and she can’t help but think of all the pleasure this machine could bring her if it was real life. She becomes more and more aroused as she watches, eventually getting up to dance with the machine on screen.

Selena’s dancing turns into full blown sex when she notices that there is someone else in room – you! You try to resist, but Selena isn’t about to take no for an answer. She takes control of situation and starts riding your dick like a cowgirl, bouncing her big ass all over while dirty talking about how much pleasure this machine gives her compared to real men.

Selena finishes up her ride, climbs off you and wipes cum from face. She then tells you that even though she enjoyed the fuck, it’s just a toy and can never replace a man. You feel relieved, but also disappointed at same time. Selena leaves, leaving you with big ass homewrecker creampie on your sheets.