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Video Title: Total Waste Of Space
Model Name: Scarlettbelle
Video Duration: 09:00
File Size: 524.11 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video is called Total Waste Of Space and features a model named Scarlettbelle. In this scene, she verbally humiliates the subject for ten minutes straight while he jerks off to various porn videos.

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Scarlettbelle’s verbal abuse includes insulting his small penis size, calling him worthless and a loser, and constantly reminding him that he is just a useless sack of shit. She also uses derogatory terms like ‘junk’, ‘trash’, and ‘piss-poor’ to describe the subject.

Scarlettbelle wears a tight black lingerie outfit with stockings throughout this scene, constantly maintaining eye contact with the camera. She also frequently adjusts her panties and tugs at her clothing while speaking, showcasing dominance over the subject through visual cues.

At one point in the video, Scarlettbelle brings a large silver vibrator on set to mock the subject’s small penis size. She then uses this toy as an extension of herself and verbally abuses him with it, constantly reminding him that he is just a useless sack of shit.