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Video Title: Amazon Warriors 101
Model Name: Scarlettbelle
Video Duration: 10:59
File Size: 642.50 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this video tutorial, Professor Belle introduces her students to the Amazon Warriors and their unique combat techniques. The women are incredibly tall and use various Cock And Ball Torment (CBT) methods to defeat their male enemies, often causing Penectomy fears.

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Female Domination is at the forefront as these powerful Amazons tower over their victims, engaging in a superior form of height domination. The women also engage in various Roleplay scenarios that emphasize their power and intellect, providing an immersive learning experience for anyone interested in Femdom POV.

The Amazon Warriors are not just physically imposing; they also possess supernatural abilities, often using Mind Fuck to manipulate the thoughts of those around them. The women act as tall Goddesses and Amazon Goddesses, ruling with an iron fist while maintaining their graceful poise.

Aside from combat training, Professor Belle teaches her students about Tall Women and Height Domination in a more conventional sense. This lesson delves into the psychology of men’s attraction to taller women, providing insight into male fears and testicle torment.