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Video Title: Stranger Kickstarts My Labour
Model Name: Sassypantz
Video Duration: 08:35
File Size: 863.80 MB
Video Resolution: 1088×1920

A woman is lying in a bed with her legs spread wide open. She has dark skin and big curvy body. A man who can be considered as ‘stranger’ enters the room, wearing blue jeans and white T-shirt. He takes off his clothes slowly while staring at this woman’s belly which seems to have grown too much.

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This stranger then squeezes a special oil on her big belly and starts massaging it gently. She closes her eyes in pleasure as he does that and moans softly. This man is giving all his effort into making the pregnant woman feel good with each stroke, not knowing how long she will last.

The pregnant woman suddenly feels a sharp pain on her lower belly which makes her open her eyes widely while grabbing this stranger’s hand and pulling it closer to herself. She tells him that labour has begun and he needs to be more careful with his movements so as not to hurt the baby, but she still can’t resist moaning loudly at each touch.

The man in blue jeans finishes rubbing oil on her belly while holding a special device which will help him deliver the baby. He starts pushing this object against pregnant woman’s lower body and it makes loud noises as if something is coming out of there. The newborn child finally comes into sight covered with gooey substance but safe in mother’s arms.