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Video Title: Preggo Squirts Milk
Model Name: Sassypantz
Video Duration: 03:07
File Size: 312.49 MB
Video Resolution: 1088×1920

A busty woman with a big belly is pregnant and lying on her back while squirting milk all over her stomach area.

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She is wearing sexy lingerie that accentuates her curves and makes it seem like she is a dairy cow about to give birth. The color of the milk is white, just like regular breastmilk.

The woman keeps squirting more and more milk until her big belly is soaked with liquid. She moans and grunts while doing this as if it’s painful but also pleasurable to do so.

In the end, she sprays a huge jet of milk that reaches all the way up to the ceiling, making a mess everywhere. This big squirt is captured in slow motion from different angles.