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Video Title: POV Experimental Medical Shrinking
Model Name: Sashalikescats
Video Duration: 09:38
File Size: 701.21 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In this POV video titled ‘Experimental Medical Shrinking’, the viewer is the subject of a medical trial involving shrinkage, and two doctors are administering the experiment. The video starts with the doctors performing a health assessment before beginning the test. As they proceed, the viewee begins to shrink in size until he becomes only an inch tall.

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The doctors find this amusing and decide not to inform anyone of one patient’s disappearance as they eat him up whole while laughing at his expense. The video features a number of medical elements such as lab coats, scrubs, ponytails, and even the experiment room itself.

Aside from the visual appeal, the viewer will also experience some roleplay in this POV Experimental Medical Shrinking Full Video. He is both patient and test subject while two doctors perform medical experiments on him. This creates a feeling of vulnerability that can be pleasurable to viewers.

This video runs for 9 minutes and 38 seconds, with the visual resolution being at its highest point throughout this time period. It is an immersive experience as you become part of the medical trial yourself