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Video Title: Giantess Girls Play with Their Tiny Food – YOU
Model Name: Sashalikescats
Video Duration: 10:07
File Size: 367.71 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

In the video ‘Giantess Girls Play with Their Tiny Food’, two women dominate a man in this power exchange fantasy.

First, Sasha picks up her new vegan diet and becomes obsessed with eating tiny men. She’s a blonde giantess who can’t resist the temptation of consuming someone whole.

Meanwhile, Bebe is also interested in feeding Tiny man to Sasha. The two women playfully tease him by holding him up high and licking him close-up, showing their affection for each other but not so much for this tiny human.

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The giantesses are dressed provocatively with collars on them indicating they’re in control of the situation.

Sasha holds Tiny man between her massive thighs while Bebe licks him and teases him. They both can feel his hardness but choose to ignore it as if he was just a piece of food.

The women play with their food, pretending they’re cooking something for dinner. But instead, Sasha takes Tiny man in her mouth and swallows him whole.

In the end, both giantesses have satisfied themselves by consuming someone so small but powerful at the same time.

This video features elements of vore, femdom, double domme, blonde, collared woman, kinky themes. It’s a power exchange fantasy where size difference and fetish play a big role.

There are also close-up shots of mouth, teeth, spit, drool and throat indicating that the women enjoy consuming their meal.