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Video Title: The Giantess Experience
Model Name: Sashacurves
Video Duration: 35:05
File Size: 1.94 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video is titled ‘The Giantess Experience’ and features a couple who are on vacation with their friend Anna. They participate in the resort’s ‘Kink experience’, which involves shrinking potion and giantess fetish.

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A letter waiting for them explains that they will be engaging in two kinks – one is a threesome, and another is giantess-themed. Sasha and the male lead were both interested in this particular theme during their application interview, while Anna was open to trying anything new. The letter also mentions that no harm can come to the tiny partner from the giantesses.

The female leads are excited about finding a way to implement these kinks into their playtime and set out looking for their friend with toys in hand. When they find him, it is clear he has been shrunk by drinking some sort of potion while waiting. Sasha proceeds to use her hair as tickling torture on the male lead, and Anna uses everything from her head down.

While this video features a number of kinks, including shrinking fetish and giantess theme, it also highlights that all players can have fun together without any harm coming to them. The female leads are both in control throughout the clip while engaging with their partner who is now significantly smaller.