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Video Title: Shrunk! At The Office Christmas Party
Model Name: Sashacurves
Video Duration: 17:55
File Size: 1.00 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

You and your girlfriend are attending her office’s annual Christmas party. She is dressed in a revealing low-cut dress that highlights her curves, making the men at the party take notice.

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As she mingles with her colleagues, you mention to your girlfriend that you don’t like the idea of other men seeing her in such a sexy outfit and suggest she should change. Angered by your comments, she decides to punish you by shrinking you down to a tiny size and taking you along as she enjoys the party.

As the night progresses, your girlfriend becomes more and more enamoured by one of her colleagues. She is so focused on him that she doesn’t notice when you fall out of her cleavage onto the floor. Despite this, you cling to her high heels for dear life as she takes another man home.

Back at their house, your girlfriend has removed her clothes and is now completely naked. She uses your tiny body to taunt and tease you before finally stepping on you with her bare feet. You are left to watch as she enjoys being pleasured by another man while you are trapped beneath her foot.