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Video Title: Mom’s Little Problem
Model Name: Sashacurves
Video Duration: 17:57
File Size: 1.00 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A mother finds her two sons and their friends in a compromising position after they have been shrunk while working out at the gym. She is concerned about their safety, but also worried about how she will explain this to other parents. The woman decides that placing them inside her pussy is the only safe place for these tiny men. As she begins inserting each one, it becomes obvious that two of her sons are not going to fit in her vagina, so they stay outside on her clitoris while the rest eagerly agree to be inside their mother.

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The woman tries to distract herself by doing chores, but eventually gives in and begins touching herself. She starts feeling turned on as she grinds her pussy against a sofa arm, then lays back to finger herself. In this moment of passion, the mother forgets about her two sons still outside her body. The vibrations from her orgasm are too much for these small people, and they break apart into pieces.

The woman starts crying as she realizes what has happened, but soon remembers that there is one son left inside her pussy. She carefully pulls him out and places him on a chair next to the sofa, trying not to think about how it might feel for this tiny man to be outside of his mother’s body. As she begins cleaning up after herself, she finds more broken pieces scattered around and starts piecing them back together one by one.

The woman has now created a family out of her pussy as each son is carefully placed on the chair next to her. She apologizes for not being able to keep all four sons inside her at once, but in time will come when she can have two big men living with her again.